About BAMS

My mission is to provide inspiring, healthy and practical recipes for you to prepare and share with loved ones. I am grateful to the Internet for giving me the outlet to share and document my culinary creations. I have created dishes since childhood but never documented them in any organised fashion. The BAMS cooking blog is my first serious attempt. Enjoy!

I have fragments of recipes dreamed up in my mind; I put them to paper, and then create each recipe twice or more until I am confident that it works in practice. Then, I send my finished recipe to my editor, who happens to be my Mother. Once I correct each recipe according to her changes, I post it to this website.

About my food photos, I do not have formal training in photography, so please excuse my amateur photographs. However, I enjoy taking pictures and would like to obtain some formal training in the future. The camera that I use is a Panasonic DMC-FX5 Lumix that my husband purchased for me. When I photograph my creations, I do so in natural outside light. I use the macro facility on my camera and a tripod. I take about ten photographs and choose one that I feel best catches the essence of the recipe.

About Me

I am from Birmingham and my husband is from Glasgow. We lived the first five years of our marriage in the North East of Scotland. It was wonderful being surrounded with the rich Scottish culture and history. Also, we took advantage of our close proximity to neighboring countries by traveling and exploring to our hearts content. In 2010, we relocated to London and have lived here ever since.

I strongly believe in the importance of eating seasonally and locally as much as possible. My cooking style is a constant evolution, as I like to learn, whether it’s from a conversation with a stranger on a train journey or a cooking course in Italy. It is exciting that food is everywhere, every place you go is a classroom and everyone you come into contact with has something to teach you.

Contact me here if you have any questions.